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Marquez protective services offer many different services

Armed security guards

one of the most effective services that we provide. it consists of a very well prepared mps llc. and texas state board certified officer. the officer will bring all gear he/she is approved to carry with them while on duty. the presence of this individual along with the professionalism install within him/her may just be the thing you need.

Unarmed guard services

this service is mostly recommended for the low crime areas with minimal activity.our officers will write very detail oriented reports of any incident as well as the day to day activity of the premises. maintaining a very professional appearance and making sure all duties are being taken care of.

patrol hits

Depending on the need of every situation, mps llc. provides marked unites with experienced supervisors to patrol on and around properties at random times of the day or night.

response services

responding to panic, fire and many other alarms throughout the greater area. our 24 hour service to our clients and constant supervisory patrols allow us to be very efficient in the time responded in these situations.

No matter what your needs are, mps llc. is always the answer

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