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our officers will be expected to maintain a very professional APPEARANCE at all times. uniform check will be conducted by supervisors on daily ROUTINES.

uniforms must be nicely pressed ​

Mps llc. uniform consist of;

  • navy blue shirt
  • navy blue pants
  • black combat boots
  • duty belt 
  • tactical uniform 

the uniform shirt will have s.o. pins on either side of the collar as mandated by the state. security badge will be placed on the left side of the chest and a nametag with the first name initial and last name directlt accross from the badge. on the right side of the officer's chest.

uniform pants are to be worn at the waist side and will be tailored and adjusted to the boot cut of the officer.

boots should be polished to the best of the officer's ability

while on the field the officer is representing marquez protective services llc. as well as your assets. we shall do everything in our power to make the best first and lasting impression.